Date Archives: 2008

A little fix for linux users

We have received some comments from linux users who didn't hear anything when clicking on pronunciations. Finally we followed the right clue and it's solved now. So, welcome and enjoy Forvo too.

July 29, 2008

What do you think

Many of you ask this question. We don't really know if we should say what it means or not if it ever means anything. The explaination is so simple that maybe you'll get disappointed. So, what do you think "Forvo" means? Wait for...

July 16, 2008


If you are a registered user at, now you can send messages to other users through our new internal messaging system. The main purpose is to allow communication and feedback between users . For example, most users want to thank someone...

July 10, 2008

Reasons for a blog

Why are we writing this blog? There are three main reasons: 1. It's a perfect communication way with the users. We have managed to update the little news section in the homepage but it's not a solution. The blog will help us to...

July 8, 2008

Best football players

Football (soccer) has been a high activity category at Forvo. There are more than 500 pronouced words or names related to football, including the best players ever like Zinedine Zidane in French, Pelé in Portuguese, Johan Cruyff in...

June 20, 2008

Sharing pronunciations

Many people don't know that forvo pronunciations are ready to be shared and posted in blogs like this. Follow up these steps: 1. Find the word you want to embed. In this example, the recently passed away designer Yves Saint Laurent...

June 14, 2008

Welcome to pronuncionary, a blog

This blog is intented to be a way to communicate things that happen at and make some discussions about words and pronunciations. It's time to have a better feedback from you. So by now, stay tuned to and have a happy...

May 31, 2008